Yesterday’s youth league results

Craven, Aire & Wharfe Junior League
Silsden A 3 Shipley Lions 0.

Keybury Youth League
U11 Blue: Cononley beat Eldwick, Wilsden Warriros lost at Bolton Woods.
U10 Blue: Silsden lost to Burley Rockets.
U10 Yellow: Silsden Reds v Burley Jets postponed.
U10 Red: Long Lee lost at Guiseley Greens, Horsforth Mustangs v Keighley Shamrocks Warriors postponed.
U10 Green: Sandy Lane lost to Queensbury Tigers, Wilsden won at Horsforth Stallions.
U9 Blue: Bingley Barca lost to Horsforth, Keighley Shamrocks drew with Burley Gladiators.
U9 Yellow: Keighley Shamrocks Crusaders drew at Burley Spartans.
U9 Red: Silsden won at Bolton Woods Tigers, Oakworth Hornets beat Westwood.
U9 Green: Silsden Reds won at Bolton Woods Lions, Oakworth Wasps lost to Westwood Dolphins.
U9 Black: Sutton Rascals won at Sandy Lane, Long Lee beat Guiseley Yellow.
U9 White: Eldwick won at Shipley Jaguars, Wilsden lost to Bradford PA Raptors.
(No scores are reported by the Keybury League)

West Riding Girls League
U18, Div 1:
Thornes 2 Silsden 2.
U16, Div 1: South Leeds walkover v Oakworth.
U12, Div 3: Silsden 0 Ilkley Town Reds 3.
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