Tom Storton Tournament groups revealed

Full-blooded action from last season's tournament. Pictures: David S Brett.

Full-blooded action from last season’s tournament.
Pictures: David S Brett.

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 17.02.21Almost 200 footballers from across the district will be in action at Silsden’s Angel Telecom Stadium next Sunday, June 29, when the 10th annual Tom Storton Memorial Trophy tournament takes place.
The six-a-side tournament is run in memory of Paul ‘Tom’ Storton, a popular player with Keighley Lifts, Keighley Juniors and Keighley Shamrocks.
Defending champions All Stars are in Group C, along with Jacky’s Hotshots, Steeton, The Mis-Fits and Keighley Town.
Last season's winning All Stars line-up

Last season’s winning All Stars line-up

All Stars were also victors in 2011, with Earle’s Eagles triumphant in 2012.
That is one of four groups of five in the Elite part of the competition with a further two groups of four going head to head in the Veterans section.
Organiser Andy Gaughan reminded all managers that they must have their teams ready for action promptly at 9.30am ahead of the 10am kick-off.
Entry for spectators is £3 with all money going to local charities nominated by Tom Storton’s family.
There will also be a raffle.
Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 07.10.28In the Elite competition the top two from each group go through to the quarter-finals and so on.
All matches are six minutes each way with only the final being eight minutes each way.
The top two from each group in the Veterans groups go through to the semi -finals and if successful on to the final. All matches are six minutes each way, including the final.
Only six players per team can be on the field at any given time, the substitutes are rolling and a substitute is only allowed on to the field when the referee allows the substitution to take place.
All players are allowed inside the penalty area but the goalkeeper is not allowed outside his area.
The goalkeeper must throw the ball out ‘under arm’ if he has picked up the ball.
The back pass rule does count. The goalkeeper is allowed to kick the ball if he hasn’t picked it up.
The Tom Storton Trophy always brings in the crowds.

The Tom Storton Trophy always brings in the crowds.

There are no goal kicks; the goalkeeper must dispatch the ball under arm.
All throw ins are as per FA rules with normal overhead throws.
Corner kick are also as per FA rules
There is no offside.
Any player sent off will be automatically suspended from the remainder of the competition.

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 07.09.34

Elite League
Group A

1. AJs Athletic
2. The Little Bellies
3. Muldoon’s Maulers
4. Pukka F.C.
5. The Three Horses
Group B
6. AJs Juniors
7. Ingrow & Worth Valley
8. Crossflatts Cobras
9. Ain’t Got A Kalou
10. Keighley Celts
Group C
11. All Stars
12. Jacky’s Hotshots
13. Steeton F.C.
14. The Mis-Fits
15. Keighley Town
Group D
16. Crossflatts Cheetahs
17. Earl’s Eagles
18. Panels Direct
19. The Dark Horses
20. Muldoon’s Misfits

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 07.09.11Veterans League
Group A

1. Borussia Teeth
2. Lynham’s Losers
3. The Old Bellies
4. Keighley Lifts Vets
Group B
5. AJs Vets
6. Keighley Albion Vets
7. Lothersdale Legends
8. Phoenix Vets

See more than 300 pictures from last season’s tournament on David S Brett’s website, here.
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