69 teams get ready for junior action

The divisional make-up for the 2014/15 season of the Craven, Aire and Wharfe Junior League has been revealed.
Sixty-nine Keighley area teams, representing 14 different clubs, will be in action, spread across 22 divisions, with 13 in the three divisions of the senior, u18, section.
Bingley Juniors are represented by 12 teams with 10 each for Keighley Shamrocks and Silsden. Other clubs in action will be Sandy Lane and Sutton (7 each), Oakworth (5), Wilsden (4), Eldwick and Myrtle Park (3 each), Cononley, Crosshills and Long Lee (2 each) and a team each from Oxenhope and Steeton.
A further 12 divisions of the mini-soccer section, comprising u7 to u10 teams, are yet to be announced.
u18A: Keighley Shamrocks u17, Long Lee u17, Myrtle Park Wdrs, Oxenhope u17, Silsden, Steeton.
u18B: Crosshills u17, Myrtle Pk Thistles.
u18C: Bingley u17, Myrtle Pk Bluebacks, Sandy Lane u17, Silsden u17, Wilsden u17.
u16A: Bingley A, Crosshills, Keighley Sham Crusaders, Sandy Ln,
u16B: Eldwick, Sutton u15.
u16C: Bingley B.
u15A: Keighley Sham A Crusaders, Silsden, Sutton A.
u15B: Keighley Sham B Knights, Sutton B.
u15C: Bingley, Eldwick, Sandy Lane.
u14A: Bingley A, Keighley Sham A.
u14B: Keighley Sham B, Silsden A, Sutton.
u14C: Bingley B, Cononley, Oakworth Wasps, Sandy Lane, Silsden Reds.
u13A: Long Lee, Oakworth Hornets, Silsden A, Sutton Rascals.
u13B: Sutton Rogues.
u13C: Bingley Boca, Oakworth Wasps, Sandy Lane, Silsden Reds.
u12A: Bingley Ajax, Silsden Dragons.
u12B: Eldwick, Oakworth Hornets.
u12C: Bingley Barca, Keighley Sham A, Wilsden A.
u12D: Keighley Sham B, Silsden B Knights, Sutton, Wilsden B.
u11A: Bingley Inter, Oakworth Hornets, Wilsden.
u11B: Bingley Boca, Bingley Barca, Keighley Sham A, Sandy Lane, Silsden.
u11C: Cononley, Keighley Sham B, Sandy Lane B.

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